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【012】Halloween 2008 with Captain Todd Sparrow [CBEC Event]

This Halloween was very special.[三日月]It was the first with my new staff and wife. She had the idea to dress me up as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. She got the costume for a bargain price, too. When my students saw me, they looked happy and excited to see a pirate. We went trick or treating around my school, played games, and drank and ate American foods. When the parties finished, I rode home by bicycle in the pirate costume and stoppped at 7-11. The customers inside were shocked to see a pirate using the ATM. I was a polite Pirate so I didn't steal any cash or gold coins. DSC00930.JPG

【009】2008 October Fest @Shonan Beer Factory(Kumazawa Food Garden) [CBEC Event]

Tonight, my students, wife and I enjoyed delicious micro brewed beer[ビール], brick fired pizza, steak, salads, with cakes, yuzu and lemon ice cream for dessert. Altough it was a rainy night[雨], it couldn't damper our fun!

After that, my wife and I stopped at a super sento to sober up a bit after drinking all that beer. We felt refreshed! [いい気分(温泉)]
I'd like to thank my great students Takayuki, Hirohiko, and Harumi for attending that event with my wife and I and we look forward to seeing you there next year. It was a lot of fun drinking fresh factory made beer in a restaurant set in the image of a German Beer Hall. I felt as if I was in another country. Also in the US, this type of brewery is popular so that reminded me of home, in a way. [家]

【008】Kusatsu hot spring town weekend CBEC student trip [CBEC Event]






【007】October Fest 2007 (Kumazawa Food Garden ) [CBEC Event]

We had a great time with my wife, good friend Conrad (from California), his wife, Aki, and my student Masaki. We also got free souvenir glass mugs!Hoever, the buffet system was cancelled and they switched to a ticket system. But the music was great!



【005】Independence Day Celebration (June 23rd, 2007) [CBEC Event]

4th of July Independence Day Celebration is held every year at the Tokyo embassy to commemorate America's Birthday and founding in 1776.
Students had a grand time drinking free beer on the spacious lawn while watching a parade, bands, and Uncle Sam.


【001】Halloween 2006 [CBEC Event]

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