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【013】2008 Shonan Marathon [CBEC Event/Todd's info.]

Today I ran the 3rd Annual Shonan Marathon that started in Oiso, continued on to Enoshima where we turned around, and proceeded back to Oiso. It was nice to run a marathon in my own backyard, but the race had no clocks along the course, no English, and no Western style toilets. I wasn't able to read any of the maps sent to me before the race despite the marathon being named Shonan "International" Marathon, and I couldn't use the toilet before the race because it was Japanese style which I've never gotten used to. I got cramps during the race, needless to say, which I finsihed in 3 hours and 27 minutes.After, we had a party with staff and students at my favorite restaraunt, Mokichi. DSC00989.JPGDSC00988.JPGDSC00984.JPG
CBEC Event/Todd's info. ブログトップ