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【017】Club Monster's Inc. [Todd's information]

I was surprised that the water shot high into the air from water cannons positioned high on the Disneyland castle, and many Disneyland otakus knew how to do the Summer Spalsh Dance, 2009.
We were lucky to get front row seats by lottery. That was a nice present for my wife.

【011】Tsujido's Strange English [Todd's information]

In Japan, we can find English used in strange and surprising ways. "Japlish" is famous in the world for its uniqueness. Even here in a small beach resort town of Tsujido, we can find wonderful examples of "Japlish". Sometimes, I have no idea what it means. Maybe you can help me.
What does "Ants Hair and Resort" mean? Ants will give you a massage or carry you away to a resort?
How about Hair dressing saloon? Do you need some hair dressing for your salad, sir? And in California, saloon is a kind of cowboy bar, so I was surprised to see this. DSC00916.JPG
Fizz x Clap. What's that??

Everyone knows about Bon Odori in
Japan, when communities come together in the steaming hot
midsummer  to dance around a stage on which large
"taiko" drums pound out the catchy rhythms,
but   Tsujido Coast Park Summer Bon-odori
Festival is a new festival,starting  last year, 
and we enjoyed it for the first time.
I ate traditional Japanese food,including  BBQ corn,
beer, even pizza hut pizza!). Then after it was all over the
staff allowed me to get on the stage and strut my stuff on
the drums.  I was a natural, as you can see.   

【010】Marathon History [Todd's information]

I'd like to share with you some of the marathons I have participated in from my first marathon in 1994 in San Francisco, to the most recent, Tokyo marathon in 2008. My personal best time was 3 hours 21 minutes for a full marathon in San Franciso, and my worst time was about 4 hours in Boston in 1998.

I have run more than 10 full marathons and hope to run one every year until I die. I'll run the Shonan Marathon on November 16th and so I am now in training for that. I hope to see you on the course!Will I record a new personal best? We shall see!
The following photo is for the Sagamihara half marathon held on the Sagamihara army base. I must say that I didn't enjoy it very much because I want to feel like I'm in Japan when I run a marathon in Japan and there I felt like I was in America. Plus I don't like half marathons much because when I finish I feel like I am only half finished!
I have run the Tsukuba marathon 4 times. That course was very good until two years ago when they changed it to an out and back type course. I don't like any overlaping during a marathon because it's nice to take in the scenery while running. The best way to take a tour in running a marathon because the streets because ts are open only to runners and we don't use any oil! Just air..

【006】1st California trip with my wife (Summer, 2007) [Todd's information]

4) My Mom and Dad w/ Catalina Island painting in the background.

3) Sofia, my Mom's Himalayan blue cream colored 12 year old cat. She's old but frisky! She never forgets me, either.
3) ソフィア、私の母が飼っている12歳のブルークリーム色のヒマラヤン猫です。年をとっていますが、元気です。”私を決して忘れたことがありません。”

2) Catalina Island, a small island a 1 hour ferry boat ride off the California coast that boasts
unique wildlife, no cars(golf carts only), and no chain hotels or restaurants and a European feel. I loved it. カタリーナ島、カリフォルニア海岸からフェリーボートで1時間の小さな島です。ユニークな野生動物や、車はなく(ゴルフカートのみ可)、チェーンホテルやレストランもないことが誇っています。つまりヨーロッパの感じがするのです。私はここがとても好きです。

In Summer 2007 I visited my hometown for my High School 20th reunion. 1) I went to Disneyland for 20th something time,

【004】2007 Lake Toya Marathon (Feb., 2007) [Todd's information]

In Feb. 2007 I traveled to Japan's biggest and Northernmost island of Hokkaido for the first time to participate in the Lake Toya marathon, site of the 2008 G-8 summit.

1) The full marathon course was almost exactly one lap around the volcanic crater Lake and included a free ticket to Lake Toya Hotel onsen after the race.
We could go straight from the finish line to the outdoor (rotenburo) bath in the which had lake and mountain views of a mini Fuji san and the finish line. Amazing !
I had a hard time on that windy course so I was happy to be greeted by an onsen. (3:25).

I had never been to Hokkaido before, so I decided the best way to do so was to run in a marathon. Also, I had heard that the 2008 G-8 summit would be held at Lake Toya so I imagined that Hokkaido was a specail place. It was! One lap around that Lake equaled one full marathon so it was just perfect. There was also a mountain towering over the lake, which was a former volcanic crater, that added to the wonder. After the race, I visited Otaru which was great, too! I felt as if I was in another world, not in Japan...but a place of unimaginable nature and beauty, without the crowds.

1) フルマラソンコースは噴火口湖を正確に一周するもので、競技終了後の洞爺湖ホテル温泉フリーチケットが含まれました。私達は最終ラインから露天風呂に直行しました!そこからはミニ富士山と最終ラインを見ることができました。すばらしいです!


【003】Shonan Marathon [Todd's information]

Shonan Marathon

On March 18th, I biked the length of the first ever Shonan
Marathon Course supporting my friend who took part in the race. It was Shonan's shining moment. I saw "Q-chan" and felt the power and beauty of the Shonan Coast, including the former Prime Minister's home in Oiso. what a remarkable day it was! Next year, see you there.

力と美しさを感じました。大磯の故吉田首相の家もです。何とすばらしい日だったことでしょう! 来年もそこでお会いしましょう。

【002】Tokyo Marathon [Todd's information]

Tokyo Marathon


IMG_0469.JPG The first Tokyo marathon was held on February 18th,2007. I was lucky enough to win a lottery and gain entry to the marathon. The day of the marathon, it rained cats and dogs throughout the race, but still it was a great experience to run through the streets of ginza, Asakusa, and finish in Odaiba. That was splendid. The photo below shows the souvenir poncho given to all participants. It kept me warm and dry after a long hard run. (3 hours, 29 minutes.) (Chip


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